Daily Bulletin

Golden Plains High School Bulletin for Thursday, September 29, 2022

Thursday September 29th: Breakfast-Smokies. Lunch-Chicken Nugget.

    Middle School Volleyball/Football in Rexford vs Weskan & Western Plains 4/5:30 pm. 4 pm Volleyball in Big Gym: GP vs WPH A; GP vs Weskan A; WPH vs Weskan A; WPH vs Weskan B. 4 pm in Little Gym: (1 C team set to 25) GP vs Weskan B (1 C team set to 25); GP vs WPHB
    Tackle Football at 5:30 vs Weskan. Flag football will follow.

Friday September 30th: Breakfast-Breakfast Bites. Lunch-Hamburger.

    High School Football in Rexford vs Western Plains/Healy 3 pm..

Monday October 3rd: Breakfast-Sausage Stick. Lunch-Chicken Patty.

Tuesday October 4th:

    Breakfast-Biscuit/Gravy. Lunch-Cowboy Cavatini.
High School Volleyball in Almena 4 pm.
    Cross Country in Sharon Springs.

Wednesday October 5th: Breakfast-French Toast. Lunch-Frito Pie.

Thursday October 6th:

    Breakfast-Donuts. Lunch-Ticerito.
Middle School Volleyball/Football in Grinnell 4/5:30 pm.
    6th Grade will have Scholar's Bowl Practice during Seminar.

Friday October 7th:

    Breakfast-Smokies. Lunch-BBQ Beef Sandwich.
High School Football vs Triplains/Brewster.

Saturday October 8th: High School Volleyball in Hill City.

Sophomores: Turn in Beef stick money to Mrs. Wark ASAP this week.

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