Daily Bulletin

Golden Plains High School Bulletin for Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Tuesday November 29th: Breakfast-Biscuit/Gravy. Lunch-Soft Shell Taco.

    High School Scholar's Bowl in Tribune. We will NOT be going due to weather.
    FFA Vet Science in Colby 9 am.
    KESA BLT meetings in the Library so it is closed.
    Mr. Dible's Classes meet in the Little Gym.
Mrs. Wessel will be having a Forensics Meeting during Seminar.
    Seniors Seminar will be in the Little Gym.

Wednesday November 30th: Breakfast-Scrambled Eggs. Lunch-Bierocks.

Thursday December 1st: Breakfast-Donuts. Lunch-Chicken Fajita.

    WKLL League Testing in the morning for select students.
    National Honor Society Meeting in Miss Weins Room during Seminar.

Friday December 2nd: Breakfast-Grilled Cheese. Lunch-Hamburgers.

    High School Basketball in Weskan. 5:00 start No JV Girls, 1/2 JV Boys, 6:00 Varsity Girls start , Varsity Boys follow.

Monday December 5th: Breakfast-Sausage Stick. Lunch-Surprize Pizza.

    High School Scholar's Bowl in Colby 4 pm.
    Middle School Scholar's Bowl in Bird City 4 pm.

Tuesday December 6th: Breakfast-Long Johns. Lunch-Chicken Tenders.

    Sagebrush Shootout start in Brewster. Golden Plains Lady Bulldogs take on Cheylin at 6 pm in the North Gym.
    The Bulldogs take on Logan/Palco in the North Gym at 7:30 pm.

Wednesday December 7th: Breakfast-Pancake. Lunch-Chili.

Thursday December 8th: Breakfast-Cinnamon Rolls. Lunch-Beef N Noodles.

    Middle School Basketball in Triplains/Brewster at 4 pm.

Friday December 9th: Breakfast-French Toast. Lunch-Ham & Cheese Pockets.

    Sagebrush Continues.

Saturday December 10th: Sagebrush Continues.

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